Decolonize Oakland | No Work or School…

It seems appropriate that there isn’t just a breeze or a light fog greeting us this morning but instead fierce gusts of wind shaking the trees left and right as they stand strong with the brightness of the sun. Today in Oakland there is a General Strike. Originally called “Occupy Oakland” (based on the Occupy Wall St. movement with the slogan, “Take Bake Wall Street: Occupied Since 1625.”), there has been a call to rename the movement based on the main premise that our country’s current economic and social development originates from white settler colonization. Connected to this premise, is the fact that the invention of racism laid the foundation for both conquest and enslavement that still prevails in “Occupied” America. Furthermore, many have noted the privileged stance of the occupiers and organizers (white men), which have enviably excluded the histories and experiences of people of color along with women and queer people who may or may not “occupy” both spaces. 

Social justice is complex. The current movement is proof of not only this interconnectedness, but also our identity as American citizens and the oppression we experience. Although the focus is economic justice, it’s near to impossible (at least in my mind) to not also focus on the other aspects of identity that affect one’s economic justice–gender, race, the class you are born into, education, sexual orientation, etc. I hope today’s strike stirs up the 1% AND a difference will be made with non-violence. Despite the fact I chose to still come to work, I stand in solidarity with my neighbors and community who are fighting the fight for us all until I can join the movement for the march to the Oakland ports later tonight. I’ll keep you posted on my experience…

Let the revolution begin with you!

~One Love~

When the energies of rage are fueled by wholesome intent, we have the focus we need to do what must be done and the clarity to make it happen. From this ground, we make peace possible. ~Ruth King


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