Celia Says: 10 things I learned by writing “Starring Celia”

Excited to follow along to learn what you learned…rock on…CONGRATS!!

Go Girls! Camp

I teach girls what I want to learn myself. This series of 10 blog posts will celebrate the lessons I put out for Celia to wrestle with, just as I wrestle with them in my own life.  Celia Says will bring to life one lesson a week- a way for you to tap into your inner Go Girl! with courage and compassion. Our girls are watching…what do we want them to see?

  1. Smaller Starring Celia CoverA Go Girl! takes center stage in her own life
  2. What’s my role? Bully…Victim…Bystander
  3. Feel your big feelings- they won’t go away until you do
  4. Let someone welcome you
  5. Put your mistakes in the Tower of Oops!
  6. Protect the vulnerable
  7. Protect yourself from words that hurt
  8. Have the hard conversation
  9. Imagine a new ending
  10. Celebrate the star you are

See you next week!!!

Until then, you can get your copy of Starring Celia here>>>

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One thought on “Celia Says: 10 things I learned by writing “Starring Celia”

  1. Lynn Johnson May 8, 2013 at 11:05 PM Reply

    I’m so glad that we women want to learn from each other. It’s great modeling for our girls!

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